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Post University - Associate's, Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Post University is dedicated in helping students jump on a career training path in order to get them to where they want to be quickly. Online classes at the Post University are accessible at any time of day, on any day to provide complete flexibility for students.
Kaplan University - Associate's, Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. As a well-known, accredited online institution, Kaplan University has been helping students pursue their careers in a number of fields. From Accounting to Nursing, Kaplan provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their desired careers.
Ashford University - Associate's, Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Ashford University's multiple programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Healthcare, Nursing, or Technology is available on-campus or online. The university's mission is to provide students with quality education that will help them grow professionally and personally.
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How to Choose an Accredited Online Degree Program
It's now possible to earn an accredited online degree and many career diplomas, entirely online! You can get your degree conveniently from home while working at your own pace.

Online Degrees for Bachelors in Psychology
Over the years, the trend to visit psychologists has increased. Not only developed nations but also developing countries are slowly and steadily realizing the immense benefits of psychological studies. Growing competition and resulting stress can be understood and dealt with by psychologists.

Skills for Success as a Criminal Justice Student Online
"Looking at the field of criminal justice? It’s a very exciting career, but it does require an education. What skills will you need for success as a criminal justice student? And if you’re already working, how are you supposed to keep body and soul together while you try to work toward a better future? In this field especially, online courses and degrees have flourished. This may be the path you can take toward a better future!"

The e-Psychology Degree Program
Psychology is one of the most fascinating and (probably more importantly for you) fastest growing fields on the planet. It has many branches and there is most certainly a very high, un-met demand for well trained psychologists. What's more, there are more high quality online psychology degree programs available for psychology than for just about anything else!

Online College Course - Get Your Degree by Distance Learning
What are the many benefits to choosing this method of higher education? For adult students, online study allows flexibility to make it possible to continue their current work responsibilities, while maintaining a vital presence in the lives of their family and friends.

Guide to Online Law Degree Education
Law is one of the most popular degree topics today and with very good reason. Find out more about online law degree education programs.....

Online MBAs, the sure way to doubling your salary
As employers are demanding more skills and educational requirements from their employees, online MBA programs offer a great opportunity to get ahead in your career. And the decision to pursue such a program couldn’t have come at a better with time since so many of these programs are now easily available. Completion of an accredited online MBA degree will carry a lot of weight in any company’s hiring and promotion decisions. According to studies that have been done, there is a direct correlation between higher salaries and having an MBA.

Online Degrees and Schools a Boon for Women
Women can get ahead in the male-dominated business world more easily with a college degree. Now that top tier universities and colleges are offering quality online education through distance learning programs - accredited online degree programs are plentiful.

The Importance of Self Assessment for Successful Distance Learning
Distance learning requires certain tools and student characteristics to be successful. Take the Self Assessment to determine if eLearning is right for you.

How Valuable is an Online Degree?
There are a great many benefits to be gained from earning an online degree. Due to these benefits, the number of students enrolling in courses leading to online degrees has risen dramatically since the mid-1990s and due to the help of distance learning programs.

Home Schooling versus Public Schools, Which is Better and for Whom?
Studies show that home schooled children have significantly less behavioral problems than their public schooled peers do. Though there is no one definite, answer that is suitable for all concerned it is important to compare the two methods of education and reach a conclusion, which is best for those concerned.

Online Distance Learning, the Next Step to Advancing Your Career
Accredited online degree programs can improve your income potential or switch to a new career altogether with the added convenience of studying from home. Online distance learning can provide the necessary tools you require to advance in your career. Learn more......

Count on Online Education Master Degree Programs to Advance your Career
Now may be the right time to think about continuing education as the Internet has improved just about every area of our life, including education. With online education masters degree as an option for all graduates, this might be the ticket for you to get that promotion or pay raise you’re looking for in a declining economy......

Online Accounting Degree - a High-Salary Career Course
With companies having to respond to greater oversight by watchdog agencies, particularly from the government, professionals who have degrees in accounting are being sought after and are in great demand...

Reasons You Should Choose an Accounting Career
Accounting or accountancy is one of the best careers to pursue today. Accountants are always in demand and the fields or jobs that you can choose from are many. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for a career as an accountant and you will also have a lot of career choices. Every sector and every industry needs accountants....

Three Signs That You May Be in a Dead-End Job
Have you ever felt like you are working at a dead-end job? If you think that you are, you are definitely not alone. Here are some of the signs:

Online Degree, a Great Way to Earn Better Pay
Online distance learning is becoming a trend for increasing income potential or to gain entry into a new career. Whether you want to finish high school, earn an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or a PhD Degree, you can rely on online accredited programs to get you through your degree of choice.

A Distance Education Degree Online can be the Answer to Improving Career Prospects
With the convenience of the Internet, it has never been this easy to get a distance education degree online. Whether you choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree, an Associate’s or an MBA, it is all within the reach of your fingertips.

Benefits of using E-Learning for Employee Training and Development
Due to rapid changes in technology, new techniques are available for employee training and development that generally offer better results. Employers find the need for continual training of employees to keep up with innovations.

Computer Programmer Career Highlights
Computer programmers write, test, and maintain programs that computers must follow to perform their functions. Programmers also create and test logical structures for solving problems by computer. Advanced computing technologies and sophisticated new languages and programming tools have redefined the role of a computer programmer and elevated much of the programming work done today.

Online Training for the Travel and Tourism Industry
Ever wanted to be a travel agent? Love traveling and want to be a part of the industry, but don't know how to get started? Now anyone who wishes to become a part of the travel and touism industry can be because there are many programs out there can train you in your spare time!

Computer Science Graduates and Job Outlook
Employment outlook, salary expectations, and the various types of employment opportunities available for Computer Science degree holders.

The Attractions of an Online Information Technology Management Degree
One of the best online degrees available is the Information Technology degree. The reason for this is all of the material is obviously readily online and in a format that is easier to absorb. More importantly, the eLearning format allows for people at different levels to work as fast as they want – within the paradigm of their own learning style.

How Employers View Online Degree Education
Online education is still a hot topic among employers. Find out how employers view your online degree credentials, and which degrees are most valued by employers.

Paralegal Career Highlights
While lawyers are ultimately responsible for legal work, they often delegate many of their tasks to paralegals. In fact, paralegals—also called legal assistants— continue to assume a growing range of tasks in U.S. legal offices and perform many of the same tasks as lawyers.

Medical Assistant Career Highlights
Medical assistants carry out administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly. The responsibilities of medical assistants vary from office to office, depending on the location and size of the practice and the practitioner’s specialty.

Benefits of Foreign Language Learning
People learn a second language or a foreign language for different purposes. It not only gives them a competitive edge but also gives them new opportunities such as making new acquaintances or building new business prospects.

What is an Online Degree?
Download your copy of this free ebook! It's full of information, advice, tips, and resources regarding online degrees. Do employers value online degrees, what does it take for online schools to obtain accreditation, and much more. Don't miss this chance to get your FREE copy of this valuable resource.

The Importance of Learning a Second Language
Today there are many jobs that would benefit from a second language. In other words, it could help anyone from a taxi-driver to a grocery clerk. No matter what career you choose, if you’ve learned a second language, you’ll have a real advantage. A technician who is able to speak German and the Executive who is able to converse in Spanish or a salesman who can talk fluently in French or Chinese has the ability to interact more successfully with more people and in many more places than someone who knows only one language.....

Effective Preparation to Start Your Day Care
If you are nurturing in your heart the desire to have your own day care, there is a process of paying your dues to see your dream realized as well. This may seem tedious and difficult to think that you have to spend time learning the nuances of the day care profession. After all, you have the basic requirement if you love kids and love finding ways to communicate to them and help them communicate with each other.

Learning Languages Online
Online language learning is fun, fast and easy. Learning a language on a computer is fast.

Online High School - How does it Work?
Online accredited high school is a great alternative to traditional high school for many students who require something different from the typical high school experience. But how exactly does online high school work?

The Process of Selecting Language-Learning Products
The world is getting smaller with each passing day. Virtual work places are becoming common, and boundaries are getting blurred, creating the need for learning languages over and above ones own native tongue.

The Importance Of Time Management When Getting An Online Education
Online courses allow students to work at their own pace. Motivated students may finish a college degree in 18-24 months – and sometimes less. For less motivated students it can take years to complete an online degree if they are not committed enough to stick to deadlines and work diligently through the courses.

A Guide to Scholarship Applications
Scholarship applications can be extremely complex and confusing. Not only does every different scholarship body want something different, but none of them seem to set the deadline dates for the same week, which no doubt would confuse you even more! Find out how to greatly simplify the process....

Learn a Second Language Online
As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and communication tools become available to more people, the world is quickly transforming into a global village. We are all connected in one way or another - through business, travel and the Internet.

Tips for Combining Homeschool and Sports
One of the strongest arguments against homeschooling stems from lack of social interaction and the loss of opportunity in the field of sports. Various studies have shown that such an argument is baseless.

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